• April 06, 2020

Customer Reviews Part 2: Glassdoor reviews

In the previous part we discussed the importance of researching the customer reviews of the company when choosing a corporate database developer. In the age of fake reviews and falsified portfolios, real reviews from real customers are essential to separate the grain from the weeds.
In this article, we are going to discuss another method of forecasting the future experience of working with software database developers – employee reviews on Glassdoor and other sites. In 2020, due to the raging pandemic, it quickly became one of the most important indicators. Here’s why.

Lack of leadership in the management means there would be no responsibility if anything is wrong.

Leadership and quality

Employee reviews on sites like Glassdoor present something that can’t be otherwise seen in any portfolio or presentation – the inner chemistry of the company, how the workforce is organized and treated, and if the management has shown leadership and vision.

Imagine for a moment the worst-case scenario – a database software development that lacks all of the above. A place where employees are underpaid and mistreated by their superiors, there is no vision for the company in the management, and no one assumes leadership of the whole endeavour. If it is bad enough for the disgruntled employees to go and leave public reviews outlining any of the above about the company, and do it en masse – this usually means it’s really that bad there.

Why should you care about any of it as a client – that's their problems, not yours. As long as it doesn’t reflect on the quality of what you want to be delivered. The problem is that it will definitely reflect on the quality of the project and the end product they deliver. Unhappy employees would not care to double-check the data integrity of your database, or properly test the security of the software. Lack of leadership in the management means there would be no responsibility if anything is wrong.

With the pandemic sending everyone into self-isolation and forcing to work from home, seeing how company’s treat employees in the time of crisis would be the reflection of their values, quality, and leadership for the years to come.

Quality decides

Tentacle Solutions has always put the well-being of their employees and the long term vision for the company. There is no sense in advertising yourself as a top bespoke software development company in Scotland and the UK, and not caring about your clients and employees .

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