• April 14, 2020

Cloud-Based Opportunity: How To Survive A Recession With A New Database System

We are in the midst of a recession , that is not speculation of financial forecasting at this point - that is a fact. Covid19 has sped up what was forecasted for a long time and now businesses and workers face a lot of tough decisions. In this article, we set out to prove that not all of them need to be tough.

Cutting your spending may seem intuitive, but A huge number of companies that lived through have understood that protecting their workforce, managing the top line, and optimizing their business processes are all vital to surviving any crisis. But how do you do that?

No to panic, yes for optimization

Harvard Business Review advises going simultaneously on defence and on offence. We at Tentacle can’t argue with that. First, begin with aggressive moves to reduce costs and increase efficiency. How much of your company’s paperwork and data management is done by hand or in an old Access database? That’s a waste of time and resources that robs your company of flexibility and adaptability that are essential in times of crisis. Tentacle’s clients could easily prioritize the health and safety of their employees and clients just because they had a cloud-based SQL database that allowed them to work-from-home and working remotely without losing any efficiency .

Getting a new IT infrastructure via a cloud-based database might seem like a huge and long-term investment. But waiting to move forward with updating your IT infrastructure and optimizing your business processes via cloud-based solutions may compromise your ability to capitalize on opportunities when the economy rebounds. And the cost of these investments will be lower now, as competition for resources slackens.

The other option is to follow the majority of business and turn to conservatism, talk of “caring about clients and workers” and at the same time laying people off, borrowing money, and ultimately closing down because of ineffective reactive measures that buried their company into the ground. Those people consider spending lots of money on preventive measures like updating your systems and optimizing the workflow an “aggressive” step.

As a result of this “aggressive” step - the update of an old database or getting a completely new, bespoke system, - you can preserve your employees, increase your efficiency, add flexibility and reactivity to your business model. And most importantly - survive any crisis.

Being ready means being safe

If you need help updating your old access database, designing a bespoke software solution, or developing a B2B mobile app for your company, the experienced team at Tentacle Solutions is happy to assist. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, we deal with all facets of database and app development, including predictive analytics, testing, creative UI/UX services and more. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create a one-of-a-kind app to suit your unique needs.

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