• Aug 20, 2019

Because we are worth it!

When talking about software development, people often get stuck in details, unable to see the forest for the trees. All the different management systems, database design, pen testing, developers’ backgrounds, portfolios, all sorts of cloud technology – make no mistake, they all are extremely important.

However at the heart of all things is the ability of people to sit down and communicate their needs and expectations; to establish the goals and the vision of how to achieve it. This is especially true for the delicate matters of bespoke software development. How does that happen?

At the very heart of all things is the ability of people to sit down and communicate their needs and wants.

Communication and planning

There are different approaches and development methodologies (Waterfall, Spiral, Agile – you name it) but all the best ones start with a conversation. They’re aimed at getting to know the clients’ business, to explore the areas of interest and look at the business processes currently in place. Through this communication, developers get an idea of what your company expects from the new software system. They gather knowledge to get into the design and development phase to make informed decisions from the understanding of your requirements and what areas of your business you hope to improve.

Developers who visit the premises and handle discussions with employees are definitely not cheaper than the off-the-shelf solutions you can buy online; but well worth it. It is already visible during the designing stage when the product begins to take shape after the developers do their magic – they do not waste their time to solve a bit of every problem that there is. Instead, they solve the ones you have.

Your company’s staff and management will feel the difference when the development house delivers the new software solution – it will fit like a glove. How can anyone expect the same when purchasing mass produced from a US West Coast software giant? They don’t even send people to sit down and listen to what struggles your company may be facing.

In addition to that, understanding and communication do not stop on delivery. Developers like Tentacle provide training so that key personnel have an excellent understanding of the new software; Tentacle are just a click or a phone call away from getting help. They also continue to develop and modify the software as the company grows. Once again, it requires planning in advance and communicating everything openly and honestly.

Choosing the one

The communication, the design, the testing, the delivery, and the aftercare maintenance - all require surgical precision and years of experience with a brilliant track record of satisfied clients. Companies like Tentacle may be more expensive than your regular off-the-shelf solution, but they are worth every penny.

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