• May 10, 2019

Swiping Right (..for a Software Development Company)

We all know a good thing when we see it. A good smartphone, quality fabrics, ergonomic furniture, and well-designed apps. Intuitively we understand what defines “good” and what characteristics suit us better than others. But that’s not always the case.

Things get more complicated when it comes to business decisions – a lot of choices a manager or director has to make seem intuitive but in reality require a combination of education, experience, and that same intuition. For example, how does one choose partners and providers when it comes to software development?

A good development house can meet all the criteria. The ones who do – are worth your investment.

Finding The One

The software development market is saturated with so many options that it can cause a panic attack when choosing between them. Before looking for a future long-term software provider for their company, a good manager must ask themselves - what defines a good software development house?

Some of the attention-worthy metrics are easily quantifiable, while others are less tangible but just as important. The criteria to pay attention to when looking for a software development house:

Experience – some might argue that age is no guarantee of efficiency while the youth is no guarantee of innovation, yet it is rarely wrong to assume that a company that has been in the market for 20 years has lots and lots more experience and can provide their services with more efficiency than

Leadership – when a company has a vision and this vision is easily communicated to all levels of management and staff, it is a sign of good leadership within the company and that it is a reliable long-term partner.

Management – when armed with reliable methodology and carefully assigned roles, a well-managed team that can communicate clearly and succinctly with the client and can a guarantee that your company’s in good hands even if something doesn’t work as expected. It will save lots of time and nerves at every stage of development.

Projects and specialization – it is always a red flag when a company is trying to be masters of all things and spreading itself thinly across the entire IT landscape. A company that firmly occupies its niche and understands its customer and their needs will provide far superior services than those who know a bit of everything. Their experience and confidence in your niche will be worth more in the long run.

Staff– a “healthy” company means a healthy environment for the employees. This leads to happy and fun place of work which means a low staff turnover and more experienced workers who are passing their expertise to you.

A good development house can meet all the criteria. The ones who do – are worth your investment. It is a sweet spot that any software house wants to achieve, but not all can.

Decisions, Decisions

Companies like Tentacle Solutions continually ensure they meet the metrics above on an on-going basis. This leads to a huge list of happy clients that are happy to work with us on future projects and recommend us to other businesses. Contact Tentacle for a long lasting relationship into the future.

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